Artist David Stanton is known as the Van Gogh of Charleston.

Biography for Charleston SC artist David Stanton
(Vincent Van Gogh of Charleston South Carolina!)

Artist Biography for Charleston South Carolina Artist David Stanton

David Stanton was born in Orange County of Southern California in 1960. The son of 2 very artistically talented parents, David displayed an amazing artistic ability at an early age. Painting since age 5, David developed his unique art talent using a wide variety of art media such as watercolors, charcoal, pen and ink, acrylics and oils. After much experimentation in style and media, he eventually decided to concentrate on using bright colors with thick oil paint on canvas reminiscent of the well-known art master Vincent van Gogh. Because of these unusual heavily textured oil paintings of Lowcountry landscapes he has become known as the "Van Gogh of Charleston."

David is a Jewish believer in the promised Messiah. Always anxious to share his faith, he started online evangelizing in 2010 with a website named Beth Tefilla ( meaning House of Prayer in Hebrew. Later, to expand his global outreach efforts, he launched the Bible study website Genesis Revelation ( Furthermore, to attract the millions of conspiracy theorists and proclaim God's New World Order, he also launched Conspiracy Evangelism (

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Artist David Stanton is known as the Van Gogh of Charleston.
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